Magnum Slingbow

Bracket: Right
Sale price$249.00


THE MOST BAD ASS version of the Magnum Slingbow to date because it's sleeker and stronger!!

Created just for Bowfishing!! Magnum Slingbow comes with a Bowfishing Whisker Biscuit and accessory bracket as shown. Bands are not adjustable, this model is meant strictly for bowfishing.

Shipped at approximately 55lb draw weight depending on draw length. *** which functions as good, if not BETTER than a 50lb recurve! Arrows are NOT included. Any full size Bowfishing arrow you like will work.

The Reel/Accessory Bracket is for attaching bottle reels like the AMS PRO or Cajun Reel, or accessory like a sight. IF YOU PULL BACK with your RIGHT hand, you'll order a right bracket, for example.

Bottom is drilled and tapped for a real set and spin cast reel.


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